appendGrid + jQuery 3 + Bootstrap 4

As Bootstrap become more and more popular, I would like to rewrite appendGrid to use Bootstrap 4. Here is the first preview of my work. But I may take some more time to make sure all existing options / functions are compatible with Bootstrap.

What are done? What's next? Probability not...
  • Append / insert / remove / move up & down
  • Button icons (thanks Octicons)
  • Fixed header (There are several example for Bootstrap V3, but not for V4)
  • Vertical mode (by using Bootstrap Table Reflow??)
  • Configurable table / thead / tr / td Bootstrap CSS classes
  • Custom controls
  • jQuery UI Widgets
  • Row dragging (jQuery UI Interactions)
  • Resize columns (jQuery UI Interactions)
  • Sub-panel / Sub-grid (I wish to support it but I need more time to investigate)
  • Table caption (It looks like Bootstrap haven't apply styles on captions)
  • onClick and onChange event (Better to use $('#tblAppendGrid').on('click', 'input.myColumn', function(){ /* Do something */ }) syntax)

Here is the new appendGrid!

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