Aww yeah, appendGrid for Bootstrap 4 is coming!
Sub Grid
You can make use of the sub panel for creating sub grids. In this example, another jQuery UI Theme is applied to sub grids so it let users not to confused with the main grid. The initialize sub grid routine should be placed inside `subPanelBuilder` callback function.

If you will use `getAllValue` or `getRowValue` methods (such as AJAX submit), `subPanelGetter` callback function should be implemented. It will append the values inside sub panel to the original whole grid / row result.

The `rowDataLoaded` callback function will be useful when you are trying to load data with sub grid values. This function is called after normal row data loaded to a row. If your sub grid data are located in each array record of `initData`, you can simply get the data from the third parameter.

Please notice that `useSubPanel` is not compatible with `rowDragging` feature.

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